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Aug 26, 2019

How has Indianapolis cultivated a thriving tech community over the past decade? Look to TechPoint Indiana. TechPoint President + CEO Mike Langellier fills us in on how the organization strives to lead Indiana into a next-generation, high tech economy.
Entrepreneur and software executive Mike Langellier serves as the President and CEO of TechPoint, Indiana’s technology growth initiative. Langellier co-founded MyJibe, a personal finance and banking software company. He sold the company in November 2011 and served as vice president of strategic partnerships with acquirer MoneyDesktop. Prior to starting MyJibe, Langellier was director of account management for Experian (formerly Baker Hill). Follow Mike on Twitter at @MLanj and TechPoint at @TechPointInd.
This episode is a part of a six-part mini-series on CICP as part of its 20th Anniversary celebration. The series features the CICP industry sector and talent initiatives which have been successful in generating awareness, investment, collaboration (AgriNovus Indiana, Ascend Indiana, BioCrossroads, Conexus Indiana, Energy Systems Network and TechPoint). Listeners hear about innovation/technology convergence; economic development; talent attraction; and more. All shared priorities among the initiatives and what makes AgriNovus and its work to support the agbioscience sector (a sector entirely focused on interaction and collaboration) so successful.
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